Graham Company

 Emergency Lighting Inverter Specialists

An Authorized Service Center Providing Professional Service and Maintenance On All Emergency Lighting Inverter Systems in California and Arizona Since 1981.

Our Services

Service and Maintenance

Our specialized technical inspections help to get the maximum life expectancy out of your inverter. Our maintenance programs have proven very useful in fulfilling Local Codes and Inspection Requirements.

New Inverter Sales

New Central Inverter Systems of all sizes and needs are available to meet your needs. We deal directly with Myers Emergency Power Systems to ensure full product and service satisfaction.

U.L. Code Violation

Emergency Lighting Systems are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed as Life Safety Equipment and therefore have very stringent requirements that must be met in their construction and performance.


Your Responsibilities and Liabilities

" Significant Governmental fines can be imposed on any Company found to be non-compliant with Life Safety Equipment maintenance and operation. In addition, it is possible for an Inspector to shut down your facility if a building safety inspection determines that an unsafe operational situation exists with your emergency lighting inverter system. "

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